Todo... That girl is completely Zinc !

"With touched zinc, there is a flexibility, a lightness, a softness,
With touched zinc, there is a warmth, a velvety side,
With touched zinc, there is a silver-plated color, a bluish color, a grey harmed deep and at the end of the fingers & with the wire of touched there is inspiration... which gives another life to materials". (Todo)

Todo patiently built her creative universe. Convinced of the nobility of metals, she lets herself be guided by the material and creates objects and accessories of a boldness at the same time poetic and impertinent. The “motto” and the driving principle of her work is transforming materials from their usual uses for giving them another sculptural life.

An obvious know-how...

Todo presents an original approach in the technical design of her creations and in the way of using materials

She works with instinct and try it all, from design to manufacture : jewels, out of the ordinary bags, luminous sculptures, a panoply of small playful and poetic decoration items, as well as packaging.

The collections are declined in a contemporary design, lines are graphically simple, a purified structured style", "a scientist balances between daring and sobriety", "Unique signed items & limited productions offer a craftsman’s know how.

In May 2000, opening of the Lightmotiv Shop-Gallery, a gallery dedicated to young creation.

Materials used

References & channels of distribution

TODO Workshop designs and manufactures her entire production.